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We offer an excellent backup solutions for our customers - offsite storage of files, synchronised nightly over your broadband connection. this eliminates the risk of on-site backup solutions, where the backup storage is vulnerable to the same disasters as the server itself. Off-site backups are safe from fire, theft, and user error.

Once our off-site backup solution is installed and set up, we monitor it remotely every day, to pick up on any glitches or problems with your data. We can get your data back up and running within 24 hours, even if your server (and the room it was in where on-site backup would often be stored) is completely destroyed.

Off-site backup means you don't have to deal with the unreliability of tape drives, you don't need to have a member of staff visit the server every day to rotate the media with the attendant risk that the job doesn't get done.

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